Hostel Playa


* Breakfast, linen and locker with padlock



Exclusive sections for men or women

Section A Men: 5 beds.
Section B Men: 5 beds.
Section F Men: 8 beds.
Section C Female: 2 Bunk beds and 2 single bed.
Section D Women: 2 bunk beds and 2 single bed.
Section E Women: 5 beds.
Section G Mixed (small): 4 beds.
Section G Mixed (large): 10 beds, with private bathroom for women, private bathroom for men. Bigger and comfortable. Only couples.

  • Section Y Mixed (large):  3 bunk beds ...with private bathroom for women and private bathroom for men.

Private Rooms




  • Private Room 2 pax     (3 Rooms)
  • Private Room 3 pax    (3 Rooms)
  • Private Room 4 pax    (2 Room)